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Publishing Help

If you’re thinking of publishing a book and you don’t know where to start,

I can help you. Download my two-page PDF:

If you’d like my best publishing advice (especially self-publishing), download my helpful four-page PDF:

Interested in self-publishing but don’t want to do it alone? My team can help! Click here for a one-page PDF about our services.

Self-publishing your book doesn’t require doing everything yourself. Pushing through the considerable learning curve and managing all the moving parts of book production on your own isn’t the best use of your time and may not yield great results.

I can explain your options, help you decide whether self-publishing is right for you, and connect you with great service providers.

If you’d like to work with my team and me throughout the self-publishing process, we will customize and manage your book’s production from start to finish, including project management, copyediting, cover design and interior design/layout, proofreading, ebook conversion, printing, and direct print-on-demand (POD) and ebook distribution.

I can also put you in touch with excellent developmental editors and writing coaches, book marketing and PR experts, author website designers, and more.


If you’re not sure whether you should go it alone or hire a consultant to help you self-publish,  just contact me. We’ll schedule a complimentary phone consultation to talk about your book and help you decide whether working with a publishing advisor is right for you.

Green Typewriter

From the instant I spoke to Kim, I knew she was the right person for the job. 

I hired Kim as my publishing project manager for my first publication. Her approachability, combined with her knowledge and expertise, really made the publishing experience a whole lot of fun, and the end product was phenomenal. Under Kim's management, I was put in touch with the best in the field of editing, e-pub design, and marketing, and her personal attention to my manuscript as a copy editor ensured an exceptional quality product. I've never met anyone who is more thorough and meticulous as Kim, and I couldn't be happier with my book. I will most certainly be coming back to Kim for my next novel.

Brigette Gallagher

Tethered Through Time

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