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Kind words from my clients . . .


I love my copyeditor!

Copyeditor: A person who corrects written material to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition.

In my novel, Blackhorse Road, a 1929 D-25 plane and the Aerodrome at Old Rhinebeck, NY make cameo appearances. My copyeditor, Kim Bookless, caught my number transposition of D-25 (yeah!), but beyond that she found a terrific YouTube video of the plane flying today at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome. I was so thrilled to see how well the video and the description in my book matched.

Merida L. Johns

Blackhorse Road and Flower Girl


Looking forward to working with you again.

Just a note of thanks for your fine work on my book. I agreed with almost every change you suggested . . . very smart.

Duane Scott Cerny 

Selling Dead People's Things: Inexplicably True Tales, Vintage Fails & Objects of Objectionable Estates and Vintage Confidential: Retro Rattled, Tales Tattled - Confessions of the World's Third Oldest Profession


Kim was a PLEASURE to work with.

Kim helped me self-publish my first book, Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to The Cheerful Mind, which was released in March 2017. She also served as my copyeditor for the book. I was introduced to Kim by a friend and colleague, and before deciding to work with her, she gave me all the information I needed to decide how I should publish my book. She was so detailed, not pushy, and open to helping me before I even paid a dollar to her. I very much enjoyed being 100% in control of my publishing project but having Kim hold my hand the whole way through so I didn't have to figure it out on my own. She's very thorough and answered all my questions (which there were many!). She has wonderful integrity, and if I publish another book down the road, I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Apryl Schlueter

Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to the Cheerful Mind


She exceeded every expectation I had.

Kim worked with me to create a new edition of my book and to release it as an ebook and surprised me with the level of organization, expertise, and real caring she brought to the project. Kim took what I sought to accomplish, broke it down into steps and timeframes, and executed each stage until we had a live ebook with landing site: I recommend her involvement in any publishing endeavor without qualification.

Elizabeth Vrato

The Counselors: Conversations with 18 Women Who Have Changed the World


Kim Bookless was the perfect match for my project.

Once I decided to independently publish, I realized there were many moving parts that needed to be managed in order to make a proper book. Kim is an organized book coordinator, skillful copyeditor, and author cheerleader. She oversaw everything, beginning to end, even down to the smallest bits and pieces of the production process. Do yourself (and your book!) a huge favor. Take advantage of her expertise. She is a wealth of information, has an amazing eye for detail, and takes the scary out of self-publishing.

Caroline Lee

Maxzyne Meets the Mannequins and Maxzyne and the Old Horse Theatre


Kim has been an excellent partner to guide me in getting my book self-published. 

She is thorough, indefatigable, reliable, and a real pleasure to work with. I wish I met her before I wrote the first word. In terms of professionalism and customer service, she is the gold standard I will measure all other experts against.

Willy Steiner
Discover The Joy of Leadership: A Practical Guide to Resolving Your Management Challenges


We started with a giant pile of information, articles, blog posts, and notes. Thanks to Kim, it is now a self-published book. 

She rewrote sections and reorganized the structure, all while keeping me on track. Communication was smooth, and her direct input was invaluable. When I ran out of steam and asked her to get this across the finish line, she jumped in and got it done. It's impossible for me to imagine that this project would have been completed within a reasonable time frame had I not had Kim's help. I highly recommend talking to Kim, for anyone seriously considering writing a book!

Andy Crestodina
Content Chemistry: An Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing, first edition


Thanks for all your help! 

I know we will be in touch for my future books, and I am happy to refer anyone to you creating a book.

Mary Battaglia

Transformation Through Hypnosis

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